Lydia Franklin

Lydia Franklin was born in Corvallis, Oregon and  raised in the Pacific Northwest before making her way to Evergreen State College.  She has an insatiable fascination with people, which is only rivaled by her LOVE for music.  When she’s not connecting with great talent across the nation, you might spot her playing dress up with her 4 year old or dancing to that music that she loves so much.  Her team is lucky to have her as those feet of hers are eager to travel anywhere to meet new people and see new places.

Fun facts about her:
Doppelganger: Lydia Dietz from Beetlejuice
Favorite word:
Favorite Movie Character: Moana.
Mark of a well-lived life:  I’m present and feeling gratitude in the moment.

“The Only answer to fear is more understanding. And there is no understanding if there is no effort to look more deeply to see what is there in our heart and the heart of the other person.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh